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Dayna Harris thought her problems began in her bedroom. More specifically in her bed, the bed she shared with her husband, Richard, for twenty-six years. The bed where she witnessed Richard cheating on her with a woman half his age.


But maybe they really began in the motel room that day. What conjured the dark figure Dayna first glimpsed in the motel mirror? The dark figure that continues to haunt her as her marriage to Richard crumbles.


Consumed by Richard’s infidelity, Dayna begins unraveling his lies revealing a husband she never knew.  Now, psychologically imprisoned by a manipulative and dangerous husband, can Dayna find the courage to leave, and can she discover if the very real shadow that torments her is a figment of her imagination or something more sinister?

In this edgy paranormal psychological thriller, author J.M. White takes us into the realms of the unknown, lives that are built on lies, forces we can't always explain and the emotional torture of domestic abuse.  It shows one woman's search for light in the darkness.



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