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5 Best Horror Movie Drinking Games

My friends and I have been doing frequent virtual movie drinking game nights. It's been a blast! Being the horror nerd I am, I was inspired to share my top 5 films that I think work best for drinking games. Movie nights are fun, but drunk movie nights are extra fun which is why I think horror-comedies or B-movies work really well for this. They keep things light, offering up a few chuckles and belly laughs along the way. But do your thang. If you want to play along to something more serious like The Exorcist, go for it. There is no right or wrong. Just make sure to take a sip every time they say, “The power of Christ compels you" or then I guess you are doing it wrong.


1. Tucker & Dale VS. Evil

Scare Level: 'Hillbilly' horror at it's finest.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I think it's far too underrated in the horror-comedy world. It's well-acted while still managing to emanate an element of cheesiness that is so common in the classic slashers they are poking fun at. I love the plot. I love the crazy misunderstandings. And I love Dale. I WANT more people to watch this movie!

Take A Drink Every Time…

- A character drinks or opens a drink.

- Someone is killed.

- Someone says “hillbilly”.

Optional Bonus:

- Take a drink every time someone says “college kid”.

2. Jurassic Park

Scare Level: They can't see us if we don't move.

This film is one of my all-time favorites. Although it’s often classified as sci-fi, I think that running from giant lizards is pretty damn horrifying. The 90s CGI holds up to the test of the time. The plot is good, the acting is great, and I’d choose this 1993 classic over any of the “fancy” remakes.

Take A Drink Every Time…

- You see the Jurassic Park logo.

- Someone is killed.

- John Hammond says, “Spare no expense…”

- A switch is thrown by a character.

- You see strange or outdated technology.

Optional Bonus:

- Take a drink every time you want to punch Jeff Goldblum in the face.

3. Scream

Scare Level: Horror with a side of meta.

Wes Craven has done it again with arguably one of the best slasher films of the 90s. Obviously one of the rules to this drinking game involves ringing phones. If you’re familiar with the opening scene, you can probably guess that you’ll catch a decent buzz within the first ten minutes. This film's reception is pretty divided in the horror community. People either love it or hate it, some arguing Craven tried too hard to prove his point. I disagree with all the haters. This movie is everything.

Take A Drink Every Time…

- A phone rings.

- Someone is killed.

- A character references another horror movie.

- Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) makes a snarky remark to her cameraman.

- Ghost Face dramatically delays killing someone.

Optional Bonus:

- Take a drink every time someone screams (pun intended).

- Take a shot when you hear the iconic line, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

4. Maximum Overdrive

Scare Level: So bad, it's good.

Okay, if you have not seen this yet—do it! Adapted from a short story by Stephen King, this film is insane, guys. With a brief cameo by the King himself, this flick is sure to send you into hysterics. Perfect for fans of horror-comedies. If you're looking for a critically acclaimed film, this sure isn't it. However, it has a staggering amount of B-movie charm. And, hey, it's got Emilio Estevez in it so there's that.

Take A Drink Every Time…

- A 'new' machine comes to life.

- Someone is killed.

- Every time you wonder how in the hell did this film get made.


- Take a shot when Stephen King makes his cameo.

5. Army of Darkness

Scare Level: Don't forget your boom stick!

I think the Evil Dead franchise might be made for drinking games. This third installment is no different. Settle in for an insane time-traveling adventure that will leave you seeing blood splatter when you close your eyes. Move over Betty White, Bruce Campbell is America's real sweetheart. Well, at least in the horror community anyway.

Take A Drink Every Time…

- Ash (Bruce Campbell) starts his chainsaw.

- A deadite is injured or destroyed.

- Ash says the line, “Shop smart. Shop S Mart.”

- The Necronomicon makes an appearance.

- You’re blown away by the special effects and get really excited like the nerd you are.


- Take a drink every time Ash cracks a one-liner that makes you giggle.


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