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Horror Movie Drinking Games – Stephen King Addition

Publishing over 60 novels, Stephen King is considered the undisputed "King of Horror." You'll be hard-pressed to find a horror author who doesn't credit King with their inspiration. Hollywood loves him. With countless film adaptations, King's literary creations have cemented a place in pop culture history.

To celebrate Halloween's approach, I've compiled a list of King classics that also work quite well for drinking games. From the acclaimed to the corny to the downright terrifying, there should be something on here for everybody. So, crack open those beers and toast the King!


Carrie (1976)

Scare Level: Prom is overrated anyways.

Based on King's first novel, Carrie became an instant success after its release in 1976. Much of the horror stems from the bullying and general high school cruelty that Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) endures. It's the reason why most of us adults often say, "You couldn't pay me to go back to high school." One of King's finest adaptions, Carrie, has an impressive 93% 'certified fresh' badge on Rotten Tomatoes, earning a spot in cinema history due to its horrifyingly memorable "prom scene."

Take A Drink Every Time…

-Carrie uses telekinesis.

-Someone says, "Prom."

-Carrie says, "Mama."

-There is a religious reference (prepare yourself).


-Take a shot when Carrie's mother says, "Dirty pillows."

The Shinning (1980)

Scare Level: All work and no play apparently makes dads kill their families in horror movies.

Don't tell Stephen King if you watch this movie—he hates it. It's no secret that Kubrick and King had some beef due to disagreements over the screenplay. Despite this, Kubrick's reimagining of the 1977 novel is regarded as one of the best King adaptations to date. Best described as a slow burn that hints at the prospect of terror around every corner, The Shinning is a film everyone needs to see.

Take A Drink Every Time…

-Someone talks about Tony.

-Danny rides his bike.

-Room 237 is mentioned.

-You see blood.

-Jack drinks.


-Take a shot when you hear the famous line, "Here's Johnny!"


Scare Level: Don't talk to the scary clown in the sewer drain. Just don't.

These drinking rules can apply to the 1990 and 2017 adaptations. Be prepared to set aside some time either way. Both of these films are long but worth it. Tim Curry delivers one hell of a performance as Pennywise in the 1990 miniseries. However, the 2017 remake provides some desperately needed CGI. You can't really go wrong with either It adaptation. Hopefully, you're not afraid of clowns or spiders or creepy sewers, though.

Take A Drink Every Time…

-Pennywise appears.

-You see a red balloon.

-Someone says, "Derry."

-A member of the Losers Club swears.


-Pour one out for the fallen homie. Take a shot when Georgie meets his fate.

Christine (1983)

Scare Level: Wearing a sweet jacket makes you instantly cool.

Directed by Halloween's John Carpenter, this 80s gem will have you looking at your car differently next time you're behind the wheel. This film doesn't try too hard. Teetering on the edge of B movie territory, Christine is a zany classic sure to leave you with as goofy as a smile as Arnie cracks when admiring the Plymouth Fury.

Take A Drink Every Time…

-Someone says, "Christine."

-Christine plays a song on her radio.

-Someone is killed.

-Christine's headlights turn on.

-Someone enters or exits Christine.


-Take a shot when Christine is compacted.

The Mist (2007)

Scare Level: Aliens need groceries too.

This is a fun sci-fi creature feature that basically stars half of The Walking Dead cast. King is the master of forcing people that would typically never be together into awkward, survival situations. And who would've thought a grocery store could be so terrifying? The film creates horror through panic and chaos, leaving you wondering where the real threat lies—inside or outside in the mist.

Take A Drink Every Time…

-Someone says, "Mist."

-You're pretty sure someone was killed.

-Someone stupidly walks into the mist.

-You see a new creature.

-The "religious lady" annoys you.


-Take a shot for that jaw-dropping ending.

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