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Creamy Spiked Coffee (Blanky)

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Part IV #ASD13DaysofHorror Challenge

Prompt: Haunted

The Takeaway: Blankets can be scary. Who knew?

I think "haunted" may be the most difficult prompt of this challenge. Why? Well, because of the sheer number of ghost stories that have been written over the centuries. There are countless tales of haunted houses, poltergeist, malevolent spirits, and, of course, benevolent ghosts like Casper. Even in this age of internet and social media, people remain infatuated with the supernatural. I know countless people who have glimpsed ghosts or seen something they cannot explain. The unknown fascinates many, and despite the constant bombardment of technology, most people will put down their phones for a good ghost story.

"I looked at the doorknob, head cocked, listening. The sound did not come again. I was content to believe it had been nothing at all, imagination perhaps, or at least, something not worthy of investigation right at that very moment. And yet... I opened the door."
-Kealan Patrick Burke (Blanky)

After much deliberation, I decided that this would be the perfect prompt to spotlight one of my new favorite authors, Kealan Patrick Burke. Burke has been writing for over a decade, but it was only recently that I stumbled upon his work. He is a true horror writer. His work is dark, twisted, and utterly terrifying. Burke's stories breach a variety of topics, from trauma to monsters to creepy kids. To date, my favorite is Blanky, a novella that packs a well-developed plot into seventy-four pages. If I had to sum up this story in one word, it would be creepy.

Burke's work is perfect for those who want to read more horror but feel overwhelmed by large books. His novellas are great ways to indulge in bite-sized pieces of horror that can be devoured in a couple of hours. Once finished, I guarantee you will feel accomplished. It may even give you the courage to try a bigger book, maybe one of Burke's novels like Kin.

The Plot

After his infant daughter's sudden death, Steve Brannigan and his estranged wife struggle to continue living with their grief. Then, one night Steve hears sounds coming from his daughter's old nursery. Upon investigation, he discovers her security blanket, but something isn't right. The blanket isn't what it seems. And how in the world did it get in his daughter's room if it was buried with her?

The Drink

With the cooler weather officially here, I thought this would be the perfect time to make my Creamy Spiked Coffee. This recipe is super simple. The hardest thing you have to do is wait for the coffee to brew. Spiked coffee is the ideal cocktail for snuggling under some comfy "blankys" and indulging in a ghost story.

Creamy Spiked Coffee


Yield: 1 serving

Total Time: 5 minutes

What You Need:

- 1 cup fresh brewed coffee

- 2 ounces Irish cream liqueur

- 1 ounce coffee liqueur

- Whip cream (optional)

What You Do:

1. Wait impatiently for your coffee to brew. Once finished, add to a mug that makes you happy.

2. Stir in Irish cream and coffee liqueur. Top with whip cream if desired.


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