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J.M. White

Dark Thrillers


Billie comes from a broken family. His mother was murdered, his abusive stepfather hauled away in cuffs for the crime. No longer able to remain in the home where his mother was killed-he runs. Eleven years later he has settled in a small New Hampshire town, but the terrible thing inside needs to feed. A thing he has come to call the Other. ⁣

Bodies pile up. The town is terrified. Law enforcement is on the hunt for an elusive killer. Billie knows he can keep his secret if he is careful, but everything changes when he reconnects with his childhood best friend. The closer he becomes to her, the more secrets of his past are unearthed. Maybe his stepfather isn't guilty. But if he didn't kill Billie's mother... who did?⁣

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Where there is darkness there isn't always light...

Dayna Harris thought her problems began in her bedroom. More specifically in her bed, the bed she shared with her husband, Richard, for twenty-six years. The bed where she witnessed Richard cheating on her with a woman half his age.


But maybe they really began in the motel room that day. What conjured the dark figure Dayna first glimpsed in the motel mirror? The dark figure that continues to haunt her as her marriage to Richard crumbles.

Consumed by Richard’s infidelity, Dayna begins unraveling his lies revealing a husband she never knew.  Now, psychologically imprisoned by a manipulative and dangerous husband, can Dayna find the courage to leave, and can she discover if the very real shadow that torments her is a figment of her imagination or something more sinister?


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Hello and thank you for visiting my site!

I'm J.M. White, author of Shattered and The Other Inside. Currently, I'm working on my third novel, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as The Other Inside. Until then, feel free to peruse my site.

And make sure to check out my blog Thirst for Thrillers, a blog about books and booze, because what goes better together than a good novel and a drink.

J.M. White



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"Money was not the motive behind this crime. Nothing was taken from the purse or wallet. A serial killer’s primary motive was never money...



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"The Coin felt big, maybe a quarter. Cal glanced down. The silver face did not depict George Washington as predicted...



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Billie comes from a broken family. His mother was murdered, his abusive stepfather hauled away in cuffs for the crime. No longer able to remain...

Photograph by Mallory


“I didn’t expect the twist… it was quite the shock but oh so good.”

— David Nora, Author of Slasher Crasher

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